Sabtu, 24 Oktober 2015

Positifku : Being Great Employes When Hampered (For My Readers Outside Of Indonesia)

Assalamualaikum Warohmatullohiwabarokatuh.
Semangat Pagi !

Currently, many companies, especially in Indonesia are experiencing a financial crisis and environmental crisis.
Let me share briefly about both.

1. Financial Crisis.

Almost all companies in Indonesia is currently experiencing difficult times, especially regarding financial condition. It is impacted by the quality and strength of existing human resources within the company. Moreover, the entire management and corporate finance team  feel the enormity of the impact of the crisis in their work. Difficult conditions in the global economy also impacted the company's cash flow. As a result, payment and billing will come out and retreat from the schedule, and this is forcing companies to take swift action in rescue operations and internal financing.

Company that has a "strong capital" will last long in the face of difficult times. And companies that "little capital" will start planning to open a "new loan account" even selling "assets and companies" that exist.

My question ... where is your company now? Whether strong capital company or mediocre?

Please specify your choice now below !


2. Environmental Crisis

Difficult conditions like this, HRD teams in any company should reopen the DISC test results were ever done to its employees. What does it mean ? There is now definitely in any enterprise environment affected by the crisis will experience "Confusion low level to high level". Employees who have the ability to give positive influence (Test Results of DISC "I") will be able to provide a positive result and neutralize the turmoil occurring conditions. But if the opposite occurs, high of employee turn over will be happened.
Very normal at all if it is still going on "employe  confusion" in the workplace. Because each employee will return to the "BASIC" is working to meet the needs of their own life and family. Well ... if in the workplace occurs financial difficulties, it is definitely doubts began to emerge little by little.

And what one little thing that I do?

Me and  almost of all employees of "I / Influence (Test Results of DISC "I") " ..... together - each giving a positive outlook that the company would do its best to all its employees. Please HRD teams use any method to collect employee with Test Results of DISC "I". And all employees of the "I" must be in a positive coaching program and  controled by the representative from Management.
However .....  how many effort that we done before  .... we should be ready with turn over of employee. Because every employee has the right to make their choice. However, there is one positive thing that can be learned in a situation like this: "IF YOU STILL STRUGGLING AND PROFESIONAL IN COMPANY, YOU WILL BE TO BE GREAT INSIDE THE HAMPERED  SITUATION ".

Salam Positifku !